Thursday, 18 August 2011

Brasileirão Petrobras - Rivalry Week

While doing a bit of planning ahead for upcoming games for the site, I stumbled across this on the fixture list for week 19. These will also act as the reverse fixtures for Week 38 as well, the final game of the season. It's basically what you could call "Rivalry Week".

They line up for week 19 like this

Fluminense x Botafogo - Clássico 'Vovô'
Coritiba x Atlético Paranaense - The Atletiba
Palmeiras x Corinthians - The Derby Paulista
Santos x São Paulo - The San-São
Flamengo x Vasco da Gama - O Clássico dos Milhões
Grêmio x Internacional - Gre-Nal
Atlético Mineiro x Cruzeiro - Belo Horizonte Derby
Figueirense x Avaí - Florianópolis Derby
Ceará x Bahia
América Mineiro x Atlético Goianiense

The obvious exceptions are the bottom two games, América-MG are the odd club out in Belo Horizonte while the other three teams are also the sole representatives in their city.

The fixture planner at the CBF must have had a huge smile on their faces when they managed to stage 8 of the biggest derbies in the domestic football calendar in Brazil for the this particular week.

Could you imagine if the Premier League in England had come up with something like this for the last day of the season?

Liverpool x Everton
Manchester United x Manchester City
Newcastle x Sunderland
Chelsea x Fulham
Arsenal x Tottenham
Wigan x Bolton
Wolves x WBA
Aston Villa x Stoke
QPR x Blackburn
Swansea x Norwich

How about Spain?

Atlético Madrid x Real Madrid
Rayo Vallecano x Getafe
Espanyol x Barcelona
Valencia x Villareal
Sevilla x Real Betis
Real Socieded x Athletic Bilbao
Racing Santander x Sporting Gijon
Granada x Malaga
Mallorca x Levante
Osasuna x Zaragoza

You just could imagine any of the fixture planners in the big European leagues had these kind of schedules for the last day of the season. It would be fantastic, as there wouldn't be a case of any teams lying down and rolling over because they are playing their deadliest rivals (in most cases). It could actually make for an interesting end to the season.

We shall see what happens in Week 19 but what will be more interesting further down the line is what happens in Week 38 especially if there is anything on the line.

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