Friday, 9 March 2012

An update

The eagle-eyed among our readership - and thanks to both of you for sticking with us - will have noticed we've just about ground to a halt here.
This isn't down to any falling out with each other, the game, the blogging 'scene' or anything like that, more a change in circumstances that seriously limits our time available to do what we've been doing. As a result, we're winding this up - well not winding up so much, but certainly putting into the deep freeze for now. Months/years from now when we come to defrost it (not sure where this metaphor is going at this point, but stick with it) we may find it's still good to eat and pick it up again, but for now that's it.

We'll be keeping on with the twitter, so follow us there if you want to digest our little nuggets of thought, follow us on there. We'd also like to thank the good folk at Premier Sports TV for their support.
In the meantime, may we divert your attention to for all your futbol Sudamericana needs and also our sister site, Euroballs, where we may pop up on occasion in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for your readership. See you about.

The CONMEBalls team