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Copa Libertadores 2010 Guide and Fixtures

With the competition due to get underway things have finally been resolved in Mexico so we can finally bring you a list of who plays who as the action starts next Tuesday night. 39 clubs set out on the path to dislodge holders Estudiantes de La Plata, who qualify automatically. The competition will not finish until the middle of August this year as it will take a break whilst the FIFA World Cup takes place in South Africa.

Preliminary Round

Game 1: Deportivo Táchira (VEN) v Libertad (PAR) Leg 1: 26 Jan Leg 2: Feb 2
Game 2: Juan Aurich (PER) v Estudiantes Tecos (MEX) Leg 1: 27 Jan Leg 2: Feb 3
Game 3: Colón (ARG) v Universidad Católica (CHI) Leg 1: Jan 26 Leg 2: Feb 9
Game 4: Real Posotí (BOL) v Cruzeiro (BRA) Leg 1: Jan 27 Leg 2: Feb 3
Game 5: Newell's Old Boys (ARG) v Emelec (ECU) Leg 1: Jan 27 Leg 2: Feb 10
Game 6: Junior (COL) v Racing Club (URU) Leg 1: Jan 28 Leg 2: Feb 4

The six winners of these ties will qualify for the groups stages. There are 4 teams in each group who will meet on a home and away basis. The winners of each group are guaranteed passage to the Round of 16 and they will be joined by the best 6 places runners up and special Mexican Invitees San Luis and Guadalajara, included as compensation for their exclusion following the Swine Flu scare last year.

Group 1

Corinthians (BRA), Cerro Porteño (PAR), Independiente Medellín (COL), Winner Game 6

11-Feb Cerro Porteño (PAR) vs. Independiente Medellín (COL)
24-Feb Corinthians (BRA) vs. Winner Game 6
9-Mar Winner Game 6 vs. vs. Cerro Porteño (PAR)
10-Mar Independiente Medellín (COL) vs. Corinthians (BRA)
17-Mar Cerro Porteño (PAR) vs. Corinthians (BRA)
18-Mar Independiente Medellín (COL) vs. Winner Game 6
25-Mar Winner Game 6 vs. Independiente Medellín (COL)
1-Apr Corinthians (BRA) vs. Cerro Porteño (PAR)
8-Apr Independiente Medellín (COL) vs. Cerro Porteño (PAR)
14-Apr Winner Game 6 vs. Corinthians (BRA)
22-Apr Cerro Porteño (PAR) vs. Winner Game 6
22-Apr Corinthians (BRA) vs. Independiente Medellín (COL)

Group 2

São Paulo (BRA), Club Nacional (PAR), Once Caldas (COL), Monterrey (MEX)

9-Feb Club Nacional (PAR) vs. Once Caldas (COL)
10-Feb São Paulo (BRA) vs. Monterrey (MEX)
24-Feb Monterrey (MEX) vs. Club Nacional (PAR)
25-Feb Once Caldas (COL) vs. São Paulo (BRA)
10-Mar Once Caldas (COL) vs. Monterrey (MEX)
11-Mar Club Nacional (PAR) vs. São Paulo (BRA)
17-Mar Monterrey (MEX) vs. Once Caldas (COL)
18-Mar São Paulo (BRA) vs. Club Nacional (PAR)
31-Mar Monterrey (MEX) vs. São Paulo (BRA)
1-Apr Once Caldas (COL) vs. Club Nacional (PAR)
21-Apr Club Nacional (PAR) vs. Monterrey (MEX)
21-Apr São Paulo (BRA) vs. Once Caldas (COL)

Group 3

Estuidiantes (ARG, Holders), Bolívar (BOL), Alianza Lima (PER), Winner Game 2

10-Feb Bolívar (BOL) vs. Alianza Lima (PER)
11-Feb Estudiantes (ARG) vs. Winner Game 2
18-Feb Alianza Lima (PER) vs. Estudiantes (ARG)
24-Feb Winner Game 2 vs. Bolívar (BOL)
9-Mar Bolívar (BOL) vs. Estudiantes (ARG)
10-Mar Alianza Lima (PER) vs. Winner Game 2
16-Mar Winner Game 2 vs. Alianza Lima (PER)
23-Mar Estudiantes (ARG) vs. Bolívar
30-Mar Winner Game 2 vs. Estudiantes (ARG)
8-Apr Alianza Lima (PER) vs. Bolívar (BOL)
20-Apr Bolívar (BOL) vs. Winner Game 2
20-Apr Estudiantes (ARG) vs. Alianza Lima (PER)

Group 4

Lanús (ARG), Blooming (BOL), Universitario (PER), Winner Game 1

9-Feb Lanús (ARG) vs. Winner Game 1
11-Feb Blooming (BOL) vs. Universitario (PER)
16-Feb Winner Game 1 vs. Blooming (BOL)
17-Feb Universitario (PER) vs. Lanús (ARG)
25-Feb Blooming (BOL) vs. Lánus (ARG)
25-Feb Universitario (PER) vs. Winner Game 1
23-Mar Winner Game 1 v Universitario (PER)
24-Mar Lanús (ARG) vs. Blooming (BOL)
30-Mar Winner Game 1 vs. Lanús (ARG)
6-Apr Universitario (PER) vs. Blooming (BOL)
15-Apr Lanús (ARG) vs. Universitario (PER)
15-Apr Blooming (BOL) vs. Winner Game 1

Group 5

Internacional (BRA), Cerro (URU), Deportivo Quito (ECU), Winner Game 5

9-Feb Cerro (URU) vs. Deportivo Quito (ECU)
23-Feb Internacional (BRA) vs. Winner Game 5
9-Mar Winner Game 5 vs. vs. Cerro (URU)
11-Mar Deportivo Quito (ECU) vs. Internacional (BRA)
18-Mar Cerro (URU) vs. Internacional (BRA)
25-Mar Deportivo Quito (ECU) vs. Winner Game 5
31-Mar Internacional (BRA) vs. Cerro (URU)
1-Apr Winner Game 5 vs. Deportivo Quito (ECU)
13-Apr Deportivo Quito (ECU) vs. Cerro (URU)
14-Apr Winner Game 5 vs. Internacional (BRA)
22-Apr Internacional (BRA) vs. Deportivo Quito (ECU)
22-Apr Cerro (URU) vs. Winner Game 5

Group 6

Banfield (ARG), Nacional (URU), Deportivo Cuenca (ECU), Morelia (MEX)

10-Feb Banfield (ARG) vs. Morelia (MEX)
11-Feb Nacional (URU) vs. Deportivo Cuenca (ECU)
17-Feb Deportivo Cuenca (ECU) vs. Banfield (ARG)
23-Feb Morelia (MEX) vs. Nacional (URU)
9-Mar Deportivo Cuenca (ECU) vs. Morelia (MEX)
10-Mar Nacional (URU) vs. Banfield (ARG)
16-Mar Banfield (ARG) vs. Nacional (URU)
16-Mar Morelia (MEX) vs. Deportivo cuenca (ECU)
31-Mar Morelia (MEX) vs. Banfield (ARG)
7-Apr Deportivo Cuenca (ECU) vs. Nacional (URU)
21-Apr Nacional (URU) vs. Morelia (MEX)
21-Apr Banfield (ARG) vs. Deportivo Cuenca (ECU)

Group 7

Vélez Sársfield (ARG), Colo-Colo (CHI), Deportivo Italia (VEN), Winner Game 4

10-Feb Vélez Sársfield (ARG) vs. Winner Game 4
16-Feb Colo-Colo (CHI) vs. Deportivo Italia (VEN)
23-Feb Deportivo Italia (VEN) vs. Vélez Sársfield (ARG)
24-Feb Winner Game 4 vs. Colo-Colo (CHI)
11-Mar Deportivo Italia (VEN) vs. Winner Game 4
16-Mar Colo-Colo (CHI) vs. Vélez Sársfield (ARG)
24-Mar Winner Game 4 vs. Deportivo Italia (VEN)
25-Mar Vélez Sársfield (ARG) vs. Colo-Colo (CHI)
31-Mar Winner Game 4 vs. Vélez Sársfield (ARG)
6-Apr Deportivo Italia (VEN) vs. Colo-Colo (CHI)
15-Apr Vélez Sársfield (ARG) vs. Deportivo Italia (VEN)
15-Apr Colo-Colo (CHI) vs. Winner Game 4

Group 8

Flamengo (BRA), Universidad de Chile (CHI), Carcas (VEN), Winner Game 3

18-Feb Universidad de Chile (CHI) vs. Caracas (VEN)
24-Feb Flamengo (BRA) vs. Winner Game 3
10-Mar Caracas (VEN) vs. Flamengo (BRA)
11-Mar Winner Game 3 vs. Universidad de Chile (CHI)
17-Mar Caracas (VEN) vs. Winner Game 3
17-Mar Universidad de Chile (CHI) vs. Flamengo (BRA)
24-Mar Winner Game 3 vs. Caracas (VEN)
7-Apr Flamengo (BRA) vs. Universidad de Chile (CHI)
13-Apr Caracas (VEN) vs. Universidad de Chile (CHI)
14-Apr Winner Game 3 vs. Flamengo (BRA)
21-Apr Universidad de Chile (CHI) vs. Winner Game 3
21-Apr Flamengo (BRA) vs. Caracas (VEN)

After the group stage teams are ranked according to their performance. The best ranking group winner is seeded number 1 and goes down to 8. The group runner up will also be ranked 9-16 but San Luis and Guadalajara have been allocated seedings 13 and 14 in accordance with their finishing positions last year before their withdrawal. Then its 1v16, 2v15, 3v14, 4v13, 5v12, 6v11, 7v10 and 8v9. Unlike the Champions League in Europe teams from the same group can face each other in the last 16.

The higher ranked team will always have home advantage in the second leg and as they progress they will always face the lowest ranked team left in the competition. Away goals count in every round up to the final and if the tie is level after 180 minutes it goes straight to penalties. In the final, away goals don't count and if the tie is level at the end of 180 minutes there is 30 minutes of extra time before penalties will decide the destination of the trophy.

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