Friday, 3 February 2012

Ex-pat of the week #9

Slim pickings this week for some reason, so we'll be brief. This week's nominees are:

Diego Alves. Saved a Lionel Messi penalty.
Diego Milito. Milito has been nominated a few times and on the fringes for quite a while. He's impossible to leave out this time. He bagged four goals for Inter in midweek against Palermo and good job he did too, because his back five conceded the same amount.
Claudio (Rodriga Siqueira Carlino). The veteran Brazilian defender bagged two - one from the penalty spot - as lowly Gil Vicente beat Porto in Barcelos, denting the Dragons' title ambitions.

And the winner, for proving that little feller isn't a machine after all: Diego Alves. He can look like a flap merchant at times, but he's proving a key member of the Valencia squad these days. And he saved a Lionel Messi penalty.
More next week, if any games survive the freezing weather across Europe.

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