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2012 Copa Libertadores Guide

Next week the the 53rd edition of the Copa Santader Libertadores will get underway in Buenos Aires when Arsenal take on Sport Huancayo in the first game of the qualifying round as 35 teams attempt to wrestle the crown away from last year's winner Santos of Brazil.

12 teams enter in the qualifying round with 26 teams going straight into the group phase. Brazil have six entries this year as holders Santos are guaranteed the chance to defend their title. Argentina have five entries and the rest of the associations, plus invitees Mexico have three qualifiers each.

These fixtures are dated to UK times and a game a week will be covered by Premier Sports TV. Friend of the site Will Downing will be up into the early hours calling the shots from the premier club competition in South America

Qualifying Round

Game 1: Arsenal (Argentina) v Sport Huancayo (Peru) Leg 1: 24 Jan, Leg 2: 31 Jan
Game 2: Real Potosí (Bolivia) v Flamengo (Brazil) Leg 1: 25 Jan, Leg 2: 1 Feb
Game 3: Peñarol (Uruguay) v Caracas FC (Venezuela) Leg 1: 26 Jan, Leg 2: 2 Feb
Game 4: El Nacional (Ecuador)v Libertad (Paraguay) Leg 1: 24 Jan, Leg 2: 31 Jan
Game 5: Internacional (Brazil) v Once Caldas (Colombia) Leg 1: 25 Jan, Leg 2: 1 Feb
Game 6: Unión Española (Chile) v UANL (Mexico) Leg 1: 25 Jan, Leg 2: 2 Feb

Group 1: Santos (Brazil), Juan Aurich (Peru), The Strongest (Bolivia), Winner Game 5

Feb 9: Winner Game 5 v Juan Aurich
Feb 15: The Strongest v Santos
Feb 24: The Strongest v Juan Aurich
Mar 8: Santos  v Winner Game 5
Mar 14: Juan Aurich v Santos
Mar 15: Winner Game 5 v The Strongest
Mar 21: The Strongest v Winner Game 5
Mar 23: Santos v Juan Aurich
Apr 5: Winner Game 5 v Santos
Apr 6: Juan Aurich v The Strongest
Apr 19: Juan Aurich v Winner Game 5
Apr 19 Santos v The Strongest

Group 2: Olimpia (Paraguay), Emelec (Ecuador), Lánus (Argentina), Winner Game 2

Feb 10: Emelec v Olimpia
Feb 16: Lanús v Winner Game 2
Feb 23: Olimpia v Lánus
Mar 9: Winner Game 2 v Emelec
Mar 13: Lanús v Emelec
Mar 16: Winner Game 2 v Olimpia
Mar 20: Emelec v Lánus
Mar 29: Olimpia v Winner Game 2
Apr 3: Lanús v Olimpia
Apr 5: Emelec v Winner Game 2
Apr 12: Olimpia v Emelec
Apr 12: Winner Game 2 v Lánus

Group 3: Bolívar (Bolivia), Atlético Junior (Colombia), Universidad Católica (Chile), Winner Game 6

Feb 9: Universidad Católica v Bolívar
Feb 10: Winner Game 6 v Atlético Junior
Feb 22: Bolívar v Winner Game 6
Feb 24: Universidad Católica v Atlético Junior
Mar 7: Winner Game 6 v Universidad Católica
Mar 9: Atlético Junior v Bolívar
Mar 21: Bolívar v Atlético Junior
Mar 29: Universidad Católica v Winner Game 6
Apr 6: Atlético Junior v Universidad Católica
Apr 11: Winner Game 6 v Bolívar
Apr 18: Atlético Junior v Winner Game 6
Apr 18: Bolívar v Universidad Católica

Group 4: Boca Juniors (Argentina), Zamora (Venezuela), Fluminense (Brazil), Winner Game 1

Feb 8: Fluminense v Winner Game 1
Feb 15: Zamora v Boca Juniors
Feb 22: Winner Game 1 v Zamora
Mar 8: Boca Juniors v Fluminense
Mar 14: Fluminense v Zamora
Mar 14: Winner Game 1 v Boca Juniors
Mar 29: Boca Juniors v Winner Game 1
Mar 30: Zamora v Fluminense
Apr 10: Zamora v Winner Game 1
Apr 12: Fluminense v Boca Juniors
Apr 18: Boca Juniors v Zamora
Apr 18: Winner Game 1 v Fluminense

Group 5: Nacional (Uruguay), Alianza Lima (Peru), Vasco da Gama (Brazil), Winner Game 4

Feb 9: Vasco da Gama v Nacional
Feb 10: Winner Game 4 v Alianza Lima
Feb 16: Nacional v Winner Game 4
Mar 7: Vasco da Gama v Alianza Lima
Mar 15: Winner Game 4 v Vasco da Gama
Mar 21: Alianza Lima v Nacional
Mar 22: Vasco da Game v Winner Game 4
Mar 27: Nacional v Alianza Lima
Apr 4: Alianza Lima v Vasco da Gama
Apr 5: Winner Game 5 v Nacional
Apr 13: Alianza Lima v Winner Game 4
Apr 13: Nacional v Vasco da Gama

Group 6: Corinthians (Brazil), Deportiva Táchira (Venezuela), Nacional (Paraguay), Cruz Azul (Mexico)

Feb 8: Nacional v Cruz Azul
Feb 16: Deportivo Táchira v Corinthians
Feb 22: Cruz Azul v Deportivo Táchira
Mar 8: Corinthians v Nacional
Mar 13: Nacional v Deportivo Táchira
Mar 15: Cruz Azul v Corinthians
Mar 22: Corinthians v Cruz Azul
Mar 28: Deportivo Táchira v Nacional
Apr 3: Deportivo Táchira v Cruz Azul
Apr 12: Nacional v Corinthians
Apr 19: Corinthians v Deportivo Táchira
Apr 19: Cruz Azul v Nacional

Group 7: Vélez Sarsfield (Argentina), Deportivo Quito (Ecuador), Defensor Sporting (Uruguay), CD Guadalajara (Mexico)

Feb 7: Defensor Sporting v Vélez Sarsfield
Feb 8: CD Guadalajara v Deportivo Quito
Feb 14: Defensor Sporting v Deportivo Quito
Feb 23: Vélez Sarsfield v CD Guadalajara
Mar 7: Deportivo Quito v Vélez Sarsfield
Mar 14: CD Guadalajara v Defensor Sporting
Mar 22: Vélez Sarsfield v Deportivo Quito
Mar 28: Defensor Sporting v CD Guadalajara
Apr 10: Deportivo Quito v Defensor Sporting
Apr 11: CD Guadalajara v Vélez Sarsfield
Apr 17: Deportivo Quito v CD Guadalajara
Apr 17: Vélez Sarsfield v Defensor Sporting

Group 8: Universidad de Chile (Chile), Atlético Nacional (Colombia), Godoy Cruz (Argentina), Winner Game 3

Feb 15: Atlético Nacional v Universidad De Chile
Feb 17: Godoy Cruz v Winner Game 3
Feb 21: Winner Game 3 v Atlético Nacional
Feb 22: Universidad de Chile v Godoy Cruz
Mar 6: Winner Game 3 v Universidad de Chile
Mar 9: Godoy Cruz v Atlético Nacional
Mar 23: Atlético Nacional v Godoy Cruz
Mar 30: Universidad de Chile v Winner Game 3
Apr 4: Godoy Cruz v Universidad de Chile
Apr 11: Atlético Nacional v Winner Game 3
Apr 20: Winner Game 3 v Godoy Cruz
Apr 20: Universidad de Chile v Atlético Nacional

Round of 16 First Leg: Week commencing 30th April
Round of 16 Second Leg: Week commencing 7th May
Quarter Final First Leg: Week commencing 14th May
Quarter Final Second Leg: Week commencing 21st May
Semi Final First Leg: Week commencing 11th June
Semi Final Second Leg: Week commencing 18th June
Final First Leg: Week commencing 25th June
Final Second Leg: Week commencing 2nd July

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