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Copa Libertadores 2011 Fixtures

With the 52nd edition of the competition due to get underway this week we can finally bring you a list of who plays who and when as the action starts this Wednesday night. 38 clubs set out on the path to dislodge holders Internacional of Brazil, who qualify automatically.

All kick off times are local. Please check local listings for comfirmation of fames and dates changing.

First Phase
Leg 1: Week commecing

G1: Corinthians (BRA) v Deportes Tolima (COL) 1st Leg: 26 Jan 22:00, 2nd Leg: 2 Feb 19:00
G2: Alianza Lima (PER) v Jaguares de Chiapas (MEX) 1st Leg: 26 Jan 21:15, 2nd Leg: 1 Feb 21:15
G3: Cerro Porteño (PAR) v Sports Petare (VEN) 1st Leg: 27 Jan 20:15, 2nd Leg: 3 Feb 21:00
G4: Bolívar (BOL) v Unión Española (CHI) 1st Leg: 27 Jan 21:30, 2nd Leg: 3 Feb 20:00
G5: Independiente (ARG) v Deportivo Quito (ECU) 1st Leg: 25 Jan 21:15, 2nd Leg: 1 Feb 19:45
G6: Liverpool (URU) v Gremio (BRA) 1st Leg: 26 Jan 22:00, 2nd Leg: 2 Feb 22:00

The first team drawn will play at home in the first leg.

Second Phase

Group 1 - Universidad San Martin (Peru), Libertad (Paraguay), Once Caldas (Colombia), San Luis FC (Mexico)

Matchday 1
San Luis FC v Libertad 15 Feb 18:45
Once Caldas v Universidad San Martin 16 Feb 21:15

Matchday 2
Universidad San Martin v San Luis FC 22 Feb 19:30
Once Caldas v Libertad 22 Feb 21:45

Matchday 3
San Luis FC v Once Caldas 2 Mar 21:15
Libertad v Universidad San Martin 8 Mar 19:15

Matchday 4
Universidad San Martin v Libertad 15 Mar 19:30
Once Caldas v San Luis FC 15 Mar 21:45

Matchday 5
San Luis FC v Universidad San Martin 22 Mar 20:30
Libertad v Once Caldas 22 Mar 21:15

Matchday 6
Libertad v San Luis FC 19 Apr 21:30
Universidad San Martin v Once Caldas 19 Apr 20:30

Group 2
Junior (Colombia), León de Huánuco (Peru), Oriente Petrolero (Bolivia), Winner G6

Matchday 1
Winner G6 v Oriente Petrolero 17 Feb TBC
León de Huánuco v Junior 17 Feb 14:30

Matchday 2
León de Huánuco v Oriente Petrolero 23 Feb 15:15
Junior v Winner G6 24 Feb 21:45

Matchday 3
Winner G6 v León de Huánuco 3 Mar TBC
Oriente Petrolero v Junior 8 Mar 20:30

Matchday 4
León de Huánuco v Winner G6 15 Mar 15:00
Junior v Oriente Petrolero 17 Mar 21:30

Matchday 5
Oriente Petrolero v León de Huánuco 24 Mar 18:30
Winner G6 v Junior 5 Apr TBC

Matchday 6
Oriente Petrolero v Winner G6 14 Apr 21:45
Junior v León de Huánuco 14 Apr 20:45

Group 3
Argentinos Juniors (Argentina), Nacional (Uruguay), Fluminense (Brazil), América (Mexico)

Matchday 1
Fluminense v Argentinos Juniors 9 Feb 22:00
América v Nacional 15 Feb 21:00

Matchday 2
Fluminense v Nacional 23 Feb 21:50
Argentinos Juniors v América 24 Feb 21:30

Matchday 3
Nacional v Argentinos Juniors 1 Mar 20:30
América v Fluminense 2 Mar 18:50

Matchday 4
Argentinos Juniors v Nacional 15 Mar 19:15
Fluminense v América 23 Mar 21:50

Matchday 5
América v Argentinos Juniors 6 Apr 21:50
Nacional v Fluminense 6 Apr 21:45

Matchday 6
Nacional v América 20 Apr 21:50
Argentinos Juniors v Fluminense 20 Apr 21:50

Group 4
Caracas FC (Venezuela), Universidad Católica (Chile), Vélez Sársfield (Argentina) and Winner G4

Matchday 1
Vélez Sársfield v Caracas FC 15 Feb 19:30
Winner G4 v Universidad Católica 16 Feb TBC

Matchday 2
Vélez Sársfield v Universidad Católica 3 Mar 20:15
Caracas FC v Winner G4 3 Mar 21:00

Matchday 3
Universidad Católica v Caracas FC 9 Mar 20:45
Winner G4 v Vélez Sársfield 10 Mar TBC

Matchday 4
Caracas FC v Universidad Católica 22 Mar 19:45
Vélez Sársfield v Winner G4 23 Mar 21:45

Matchday 5
Winner G4 v Caracas FC 7 Apr TBC
Universidad Católica v Vélez Sársfield 7 Apr TBC

Matchday 6
Universidad Católica v Winner G4 14 Apr 19:30
Caracas FC v Vélez Sársfield 14 Apr 19:00

Group 5
Santos FC (Brazil), Colo Colo (Chile), Deportivo Táchira (Venezuela) and Winner G3

Matchday 1
Deportivo Táchira v Santos FC 15 Feb 20:15
Winner G3 v Colo Colo 17 Feb TBC

Matchday 2
Deportivo Táchira v Colo Colo 1 Mar 20:15
Santos FC v Winner G3 2 Mar 20:15

Matchday 3
Winner G3 v Deportivo Táchira 10 Mar TBC
Colo Colo v Santos FC 16 Mar 18:30

Matchday 4
Deportivo Táchira v Winner G3 5 Apr 20:30
Santos FC v Colo Colo 6 Apr 21:45

Matchday 5
Winner G3 v Santos FC 12 Apr TBC
Colo Colo v Deportivo Táchira 13 Apr 21:30

Matchday 6
Colo Colo v Winner G3 20 Apr 18:30
Santos FC v Deportivo Táchira 20 Apr 19:30

Group 6
Internacional (Brazil), Jorge Wilstermann (Bolivia), Emelec (Ecuador) and Winner G2

Matchday 1
Winner G2 v Jorge Wilstermann 16 Feb TBC
Emelec v Internacional 16 Feb 19:00

Matchday 2
Emelec v Jorge Wilstermann 22 Feb 19:30
Internacional v Winner G2 23 Feb 19:30

Matchday 3
Winner G2 v Emelec 8 Mar TBC
Jorge Wilstermann v International 16 Mar 18:30

Matchday 4
Emelec v Winner G2 16 Mar 19:50
International v Jorge Wilstermann 30 Mar 21:50

Matchday 5
Winner G2 v Internacional 6 Apr TBC
Jorge Wilstermann v Emelec 7 Apr TBC

Matchday 6
Jorge Wilstermann v Winner G2 19 Apr 19:15
International v Emelec 19 Apr 20:15

Group 7
Estudiantes (Argentina), Guaraní (Paraguay), Cruzeiro (Brazil) and Winner G1

Matchday 1
Winner G1 v Guaraní 9 Feb 22:00
Cruzeiro v Estudiantes 16 Feb 22:00

Matchday 2
Cruzeiro v Guaraní 22 Feb 19:15
Estudiantes v Winner G1 23 Feb 21:50

Matchday 3
Winner G1 v Cruzeiro 2 Mar TBC
Guaraní v Estudiantes 9 Mar 21:45

Matchday 4
Cruzeiro v Winner G1 16 Mar 21:50
Estudiantes v Guaraní 17 Mar 19:00

Matchday 5
Winner G1 v Estudiantes 30 Mar TBC
Guaraní v Cruzeiro 31 Mar 19:30

Matchday 6
Guaraní v Winner G1 13 Apr 20:50
Estudiantes v Cruzeiro 13 Apr 21:50

Group 8
LDU Quito (Ecuador), Peñarol (Uruguay), Godoy Cruz (Argentina) and Winner G5

Matchday 1
Godoy Cruz v LDU Quito 17 Feb 22:15
Winner G5 v Peñarol 24 Feb TBC

Matchday 2
Godoy Cruz v Peñarol 1 Mar 20:15
LDU Quito v Winner G5 3 Mar TBC

Matchday 3
Peñarol v LDU Quito 9 Mar 20:30
Winner G5 v Godoy Cruz 10 Mar TBC

Matchday 4
LDU Quito v Peñarol 17 Mar 19:15
Godoy Cruz v Winner G5 23 Mar 19:30

Matchday 5
Peñarol v Godoy Cruz 31 Mar 21:45
Winner G5 v LDU Quito 5 Apr TBC

Matchday 6
Peñarol v Winner G5 12 Apr 20:15
LDU Quito v Godoy Cruz 12 Apr 18:15

After the group stage teams are ranked according to their performance. The best ranking group winner is seeded number 1 and goes down to 8. Then its 1v16, 2v15, 3v14, 4v13, 5v12, 6v11, 7v10 and 8v9. Unlike the Champions League in Europe teams from the same group can face each other in the last 16.

The higher ranked team will always have home advantage in the second leg and as they progress they will always face the lowest ranked team left in the competition. At the semi final stage, if two clubs from the same association qualify then they are forced to meet each other at this stage. If a Mexican club reaches the final, the second leg of the final can not be held in Mexico. Away goals count in every round up to the final and if the tie is level after 180 minutes it goes straight to penalties. In the final, away goals don't count and if the tie is level at the end of 180 minutes there is 30 minutes of extra time before penalties will decide the destination of the trophy.

We'll be with you every step of the way, up to the final in June.

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